CEU Event: The ABC’s of Animal Training and Behavior.

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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The use of Behavior Analysis within the animal training and welfare community has become commonplace. While the core principles of Behavior Analysis (i.e., a focus on reinforcement contingencies and functional understandings of behavior) are now frequently used for applied animal behavior purposes, it’s not always clear how this is directly applied. For instance, what is behavior and how is it defined? What is the relationship of behavior to the environment, and what does it mean to analyze these environment-behavior interactions? This webinar focuses directly on some of the core principles of Behavior Analysis, namely that of understanding how behavior relates to the environment. Specifically, this talk will focus on (1) how we define behavior, with attention to what it is and is not, and (2) what it means to define a behavioral contingency in terms of the events that precede and follow it, (3) how we use data to analyze behavior and its function. The goal will be to provide a general, empirical framework for any applied animal behaviorist that looks to understand how Behavior Analysis analyzes behavior. Learning Objectives Understand how we operationally define behavior in terms of what it is and is not. Identify what an environment-behavior contingency is in terms of antecedents and consequences of behavior. Discover the usefulness of data in both analyzing behavior (the purpose of Behavior Analysis) as well as evaluating the success of any applied procedure.

Sponsor:Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):Eduardo Fernandez PhD

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