CEU Event: Incredible Tricks Through Shaping Part 1/6: Teach Your Dog to Wave and High Five

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Do you want to teach your dog fun tricks? Shaping is the fastest way to harness the power of your dog's mind and start your dog on the path to really awesome skills. We will start with the foundation of what is shaping and how to get your dog started with offering behaviors that you can reward. Your dog will learn how to get in a low object and get on an object. We will then teach the dog how to shake and wave with different feet and build that behavior so the dog is able to wave at you from a distance and will only offer it when you cue the behavior. This fun trick can then be used to teach additional fun tricks! Learning Objectives Discuss the power of a clicker or reward word Setting up your shaping environment Capturing the first contact of the foot hitting an object Adding criteria to getting in an object Capturing the first contact of getting on an object. Adding criteria to getting on an object Capturing a single paw target to an object Adding height to your foot target Adding stimulus control of individual paws Adding a cue Adding duration and distance to wave and shake Generalizing the behavior

Speaker(s):**Mariah Hinds

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