CEU Event: Starting a Dog Training Business, A to Z

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Module 1: Setting Up For Success This module gets you ready for start-up success Module 2: Private Training Success 6 sections cover: Choosing the right training service options Packaging your private training services How to help clients achieve their goals Running successful initial consults Module 3: Profitable Dog Training Classes 6 sections cover: Choosing the right classes Filling your classes—and keeping them full Succeeding with students & dogs at all levels Tips to support student success Module 4: Money Matters 4 sections cover: Choosing the right pricing strategy & policies Avoiding common rate & policy mistakes Module 5: Solving the Mysteries of Marketing 10 sections cover: Finding your marketing message Building your brand Choosing marketing projects that work for you Getting your website right Module 6: Business Set Up 2 sections cover: Filing your business paperwork Liability protection Module 7: The Path to Success Final tips and support for making your dream business your reality

Speaker(s):Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas

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 Email: info@dogbizsuccess.com
 Phone: 510-525-2547
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