CEU Event: How to Muzzle Train your Dog

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Muzzle training a dog is extremely valuable for all dogs – at any age! A great many dogs will – at some point in their lives – need to wear a muzzle. Some dogs may need to wear a mesh muzzle for vet visits and some may need to wear a basket muzzle when out and about in public. Are you worried that your dog might snap during a veterinary exam? Afraid your dog will pick something dangerous up off the ground? Do you live someplace that has muzzle laws? Your dog may need to be muzzled because you are trying to help her overcome a fear or discomfort, or because it is required by law – e.g. dogs on public transportation – and muzzle training is the best way to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe. Dogs generally don’t enjoy having something being placed on their faces, so we are excited that our well vetted training plans will help you accomplish this goal. Muzzle training allows dogs to not only not be bothered by a muzzle, but builds a valuable skill which is such an essential part of our dogs’ well-being!

Speaker(s):Lori Nanan and Sylvia Borghardt

Contact: Lori F Nanan
 Email: lorinanan@lorinanan.com
 Phone: 410-812-1801
 Web: https://lorinanan.com/