CEU Event: When to Use a Veterinary Behaviorist, The "Psychiatrist" of the Dog World

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Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC, Boarded Veterinary Behaviorist, joins Michelle McCarthy, CDBC, and Kim Merritt, to talk about the role a vet behaviorist plays in dealing with aggression and extreme fear in dogs. One of only 84 vet behaviorists in North America, Dr. Pike is a specialist in behavior medicine, who is essentially the "psychiatrist" of the veterinary world. She discusses her field and how she works with dog owners, dog trainers, behavior consultants and other veterinarians. Dr. Pike discusses the importance of reward based dog training, early warning signs of fear and aggression in puppies, when you should consider contacting a vet behaviorist, the importance of socialization and the role it plays in aggression, and how she uses medication and natural supplementation to deal with dog-to-human aggression. She also sits on the board of Fear Free and discusses Fear Free practices in her own clinic in dealing with difficult patients.

Sponsor:Good Dog In A Box
Speaker(s):Kim Merritt, Michelle McCarthy, Dr. Amy Pike

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