CEU Event: Animal Assisted Therapy for Cardiovascular Conditions

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Dr. Susan Smyth, Director of the Gill Heart & Vascular Institute, Michelle McCarthy, CDBC, and Kim Merritt, discuss the therapy dog program being used at the University of Kentucky Gill Heart Institute to rehabilitate heart and stroke patients. Michelle trained both of Susan's dogs, Carmine and Saleh, that work at the hospital three days a week. Michelle discusses the year long training of Carmine and Saleh and the training of Dr Smyth and her husband and staff in the handling of a therapy dog trained to deal with a specific type of patient. Carmine is one of a select few of therapy dogs, (if not the only one) that is trained to walk with heart patients on EKMO. Listen to discussion on how this program was created, implemented and managed. Gives detailed information on the training involved for not only the dogs, but the human owners and handlers. Discusses the policies and procedures developed for the Gill Heart Institute to allow therapy dogs in the hospital, including the legal and insurance side of the process. Fantastic and fascinating insight into a therapy dog program done right.

Sponsor:Good Dog In A Box
Speaker(s):Kim Merritt, Michelle McCarthy, Dr. Susan Smyth

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