CEU Event: Lifesaving Dogs: Water Rescue with the Dogs of the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs & The America

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Maria Gray, with her Newfoundland, is the only American dog team certified by the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs (SICS). In Italy, there are over 300 dog/handler teams that are certified to patrol the beaches there and work together with the Italian Cost Guard and Fire Departments. Maria has been training dogs for over 20 years and currently runs a nonprofit called The American Academy of Canine Water Rescue, which is focusing on the elimination of unintentional death by drowning. She joins Kim and Michelle McCarthy, CDBC on Good Dog Nation to discuss her work with water rescue groups in the US and Italy that utilize dogs. She explains the lengthy process she's gone through to obtain her certification and training in water rescue with her Newfoundland and how other dog owners and trainers can get into this specialty line of dog training. Kim, Michelle, and Maria also discuss safety tips for being around the water and how to avoid unintential drowning.

Sponsor:Good Dog In A Box
Speaker(s):Kim Merritt, Michelle McCarthy, Maria Gray

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 Phone: 814-243-3023
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