CEU Event: The Role of Shelters and Rescues in Protecting and Respecting Communities, Animals, and People

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Recently we partnered with Ms. Trish McMillan, MSc, CDBC, ACCBC, CPDT-KA, for “The Realities of Dogs That Bite: A Realistic and Compassionate Discussion About How To Support Clients”. The focus of that course was how best to support clients who were considering euthanizing a pet due to serious aggressive behavior. However, we also posed the question of whether some shelters and rescue groups were contributing to the problem. If there is pressure to “save them all”, dogs may be adopted out that are at increased risk for aggressive behavior. When shelters are faced with requirements to meet “live release rates” target numbers, pressured by segments of their communities who believe every animal can or should be saved, criticized for euthanizing animals staff consider not medically or behaviorally healthy, it can result in enormous stress for shelter personnel. In this webinar, we welcome our special guests who have been on the front lines of this issue and felt the pressure of doing their best for the animals under their care in the face of personal criticism and even threats to their safety and that of their own families and pets. While the “no kill” movement may have started with the best of intentions, has it created serious negative consequences for the animals it seeks to help and for caring, compassionate caregivers caught in the middle? We’ll also discuss an alternative model developed by the leaders from Colorado shelters and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association they’ve labeled Socially Conscious Sheltering. This will be a thoughtful and important discussion that you’ll be hearing more about at the national level. Here’s just a few of the points we’ll be covering: What is “decision fatigue” and how does it affect those having to make daily decisions about the future of animals in their care? What is Socially Conscious Sheltering and what does it mean for shelters and our community? Should there be non-negotiable medical and behavioral criteria for euthanasia? Is every animal in a shelter or rescue facility an adoption candidate? How can communities better work together to ensure that animals being adopted or re-homed are medically and behaviorally healthy, and safe to be in the community? And MORE!

Sponsor:Animal Behavior Associates
Speaker(s):Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Dan Estep, Ph.D., CAAB, Ms. Jenn Barg, MS, ACAAB, Patti Canchola, DVM

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