CEU Event: Connection, Cooperation & Control™ Instructor Certification Program

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 0.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 21.00 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00


The CCC™ Instructor Certification Program is an online course for instructors seeking certification in CCC™ (Connection, Cooperation & Control™). The CCC™ program was developed by trainers Suzanne Clothier and Cindy Knowlton, CPDT-KA to help handlers and dogs develop mutually respectful relationships while also building new skills. Using food puzzles as rewards, CCC™ systemically builds handler and dog skills to promote clear communication, self control, relaxation, loose leash walking and more without the use of force, fear or pain. Thinly sliced progressions make it easy for dogs and handlers to be successful quickly while having fun. CCC™ is humane, effective and a powerful addition to any instructor's toolkit. CCC™ classes are suitable for a wide range of dog/handler teams from beginners just starting out to competition/performance teams seeking to fine tune their teamwork. Connection, Cooperation & Control™ uses food reward puzzles. Studies have shown that dogs wag their tails more when solving a problem and are more eager to repeat the experience than when they are simply given a reward for compliance. From a practical perspective, the use of food reward puzzles eliminates the need for the handler to wear a bait bag, and teaches handlers to effectively mark and bridge to reward. As a result, dogs remain focused on the handler and the communication rather than the treat bag. CCC™ is deeply grounded in Suzanne Clothier's RCT™ (Relationship Centered Training) philosophy and techniques: • Auto Check-in Dog learns the value of a volunteered check-in with the handler, even in the presence of distractions • Really Real Relaxation™ Handler & dog learn how to achieve authentic relaxation together, in almost any center • Puppy Politeness Poker™ Handler & dog work together using real life rewards to encourage attentive cooperation • The Think & Learn Zone (TLZ)™ Handler learns to recognize their individual dog’s TLZ, and to distinguish training opportunities from situations requiring management • Go Hunt™ A cooperative activity that involves handler and dog searching together for food rewards • Leash Handling skills Using experiential learning, without overwhelming them with jargon or technicalities, handlers and dogs begin to master clear communication (verbal and body language), timing, effective use of rewards and consequences, understand thresholds, marking and bridging – all while having fun with deceptively simple exercises easily mastered. Cumulatively, these thin slices become a substantial mass of real life skills that support a mutually respectful and joyful relationship. Typically, handlers and dogs complete their Level 1 CCC™ class being able to smoothly execute multiple behaviors in succession before a release to the food puzzle reward. CCC™ has three levels, each six (weekly) sessions. The established CCC™ curriculum provides detailed information for the student, weekly planning plus exercise specific information for the instructor, plus on-line videos for review and make-up service for students who miss a class. • Level I focuses on teaching leash handling skills, thresholds, the flip top and knob top puzzles, Really Real Relaxation™, the Auto-Check-in, Puppy Politeness Poker™, Let’s Go, Connection Work (specific exercises to encourage a high degree of connection while handler and dog are working together). • Level II focuses on adding the pot lid puzzle, Go Hunt™, Connection Work with visual, auditory and olfactory distractions, hidden puzzles, advanced application of Puppy Politeness Poker™ and Really Real Relaxation™. • Level III focuses on Connection Work with greater intensity of visual, auditory, olfactory and social distractions, bridging to a reward, Go Say Hi 1-2-3 (permission to greet), task stations that require the handler to maintain connection while engaged in cognitive tasks, using distractions as rewards. Trainers working in the CCC™ Instructor Certification course learn all of the skills listed above with their own dogs as well as with students. Proficiency is demonstrated via video assignments which show the instructor and their students working each progression. Beyond the appropriate execution of each progression/exercise, trainers in the CCC™ Instructor program are provided with supplemental materials and instruction in multiple areas ranging from instruction to dog behavior to specific techniques. Along with the established CCC™ curriculum, trainers in the CCC™ Instructor program are expected to master: • The theoretical underpinnings for each exercise, which requires applied learning theory, instructional skills, an understanding of dog behavior, skill in reading canine body language and communicating in clear, every day language free from jargon. • Recognition of the individual dog’s sensory awareness and persistence as it will influence behavior and present possible training challenges. This information must be conveyed to students in a clear, easily understood manner. • A variety of troubleshooting options to help with each progression of each exercise. This may mean modifying the exercise for student, dog or both. • Ghost Handling™ – an RCT™ technique that has the instructor using a long leash or long line to limit the dog’s options (preventing self-rewarding, contacting other dogs/handlers, keeping dog safe from potential danger) while the handler is responsible for working to influence the dog without physical management. • Class management of multiple dog/handler teams Support and coaching is provided at every step along with way from CCC™ founder Cindy Knowlton CPDT-KA, with co-founder Suzanne Clothier available on an as-needed basis. Successful completion of each level requires trainers to have demonstrated all applicable skills, and to pass a formal test (passing score 85%). For more details visit www.theconnectionpuzzle.net

Sponsor:The Connection Puzzle, Inc.
Speaker(s):Cindy Knowlton, BA, CPDT-KA, CCC Co-Founder

Contact: Cindy Knowlton
 Email: cindy@theconnectionpuzzle.net
 Phone: 301-873-3041
 Web: http://www.theconnectionpuzzle.net/