CEU Event: “Out of the Box – Games for K9 Nose Work® Dogs”

When: 06/02/2019 9:00am to 06/02/2019 5:00pm
Where: erseytown/Madison Township Community Center


CPDT-KA: 9.75 CBCC-KA: 0
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 0.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 9.75 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00


The booming activity and sport of K9 Nose Work along with its many offshoots has brought thousands of dog and people together in their scenting partnership. It’s easy in the pursuit of more knowledge, better skills and competition to leave behind the joys of scent work and the fundamentals that keep your game at a high level. The engagement of the mind and the confidence for both dog and human are key to pushing the envelope of skill and strategy at every level. Ever important to the partnership is to keep the desire and motivation for the work high on the list and in heavy rotation on your training plan. This workshop will look at ways to spice up your training and strengthen the mental engagement, excitement and fun for you and your dog. We will examine what kinds of things bring understanding and relaxation simultaneously with fun and eagerness to your practice sessions. If you have any of the following questions, your training may need an infusion of new ideas? How do I maintain the energy in my dog? How do I speed up my dog? Why does my dog seem flat? Why aren’t we having fun anymore? The goal is to get YOU thinking differently and how to get a fresh look at how you are training. We will analyze various causes and revisit the right kind of fundamentals that support the dog’s development. With demo dogs, exercises and video analysis we will explore how to creatively build games into your training. The joy of the scent partnership is rooted in the surprise, and pursuit of the unknown. An exploration has to be one that both dog and handler desire together. We will look at ways to create good practice sessions and tap into the game for your dog and think out of the box!

Sponsor:HeRo Canine Consulting LLC
Speaker(s):Amy Herot

Contact: Silke Wittig
 Email: contact@hero-dog.com
 Phone: 570-458-5749
 Web: http://herocanineconsulting.com/


erseytown/Madison Township Community Center
29 Jerseytown Rd
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
United States