CEU Event: Training Meister Journeyman Webinar Four

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 1.50 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 0.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00


Training Meister – Mastering Fun and Increasing Your Team Knowledge and Skills Journeyman Webinar Two aims to increase the knowledge and training skills of both pet dog guardians and pet professionals. You will learn about the science behind the training as well as many of the skills needed to train a pet dog, with a big emphasis on enjoyment. We firmly believe that all training should be fun but knowledge based. We also believe in setting the learner up for success. This applies both to our human learners and their canine buddies Learning Objectives —Learn how to make effective use of environmental props (environmental molding) to elicit behaviors. Learn how to effectively fade props. Learn how to effectively avoid creating an aversive situation when using props and prompts. The right way and the wrong way: Molding by contact – Learn how to use a light touch as information. Learn to recognize when you need to regress. Understand the importance of “muscle memory". Understand what is meant by “mental learning” stamina and how to improve it. Further your understanding of setting events and motivating operations – Learn how they can positively or negatively impact a behavior. Improve your knowledge of canine communication and understand its relevance in training and everyday life. Learn how to identify signs of stress. Understand the myth of the Alpha-wolf. You will also learn how to teach the following 'tricks'/behaviors: Sit Pretty/Beg Pee Like a Boy (hind leg lift) Rewind (360• anticlockwise around handler)

Sponsor:The Pet Professional Guild
Speaker(s):**Louise Stapleton-Frappell

Contact: Louise Stapleton-Frappell
 Email: louise@petprofessionalguild.com
 Phone: 413-648-7246
 Web: http://petprofessionalguild.com/event-2391799