CEU Event: Understanding Antecedent Stimuli

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 1.50 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 0.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00


Are you an animal behavior consultant struggling to understand why the techniques you are using work perfectly one day and not the next, even though the conditions are identical both days? Are you tired of trying to figure out what triggers provoke a dog's behavior and never finding a clear answer? Would you kill to crawl inside the cat's head and conduct an interview? This course will give you the next best thing to getting inside that cat's head! You'll learn to assess the animal's behavior by better understanding how to evaluate the stimuli affecting him and many of the lingering questions that you have had in the past will be answered! Additionally, you will learn intervention strategies that will help you modify the problem behaviors that you are facing. Wendy van Kerkhove is a self proclaimed learning theory geek and has been doing in-depth research on antecedent control. Her understanding of this subject will greatly enhance your training skills.

Sponsor:Raising Canine
Speaker(s):**Wendy van Kerkhove

Contact: Susan Smith
 Email: sue@raisingcanine.com
 Phone: 512-916-4007
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