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Title: Suzanne Clothier: Evening lecture on the Adolescent Dog

When: 04/13/2013 at 19:00 to 04/13/2013 at 21:30

Where: Sit Happens! companion dog training


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From Maddening to Maturity: Understanding & Helping the Adolescent Dog Do you wonder where your once wonderful puppy went? And why has he turned into a sometimes maddening, unpredictable, maybe even out of control adolescent? Relax – you’re not alone. “Teenage” dogs are everywhere, and sometimes, driving their owners crazy. For many dog owners, the 2-3 year long period of adolescence is problematic. Sadly, a majority of dogs are no longer with their original owners by time they are 1 year old. This evening lecture will help you better understand what adolescence means for your dog, for you, and for your relationship. Even with a great start in puppyhood – classes, socialization, play dates, training – many dogs hit adolescence and become frustrating, unruly. While puzzling to many owners, this is a natural progression. • Did you know that adolescence begins around 20 weeks of age? • That a year old dog is roughly the equivalent of a 14 year human? • That adulthood in the dog begins at 2-4 years of age? • That the most annoying teenage dogs are usually geniuses? The lecture will help you • understand why angels pups become annoying adolescents • recognize the warning signs that you need to make changes • how to use effective, humane RCT techniques to rebalance the relationship • avoid raising a “trust fund baby” • guide your dog safely through teenage years into marvelous maturity! When you understand your adolescent dog better, you can settle into the work and joys of helping them grow into a wonderful adult dog. The kind of adult dog that makes people say, “Oh, I wish I had a dog like that!” while you smile and wonder if they knew him as a teenager.

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Speaker(s): **Suzanne Clothier

Contact: Annette Young
 Phone: 4037638781


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