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Title: Business Of Dog-Dog Aggression

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


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Dog-dog reactivity/ aggression is one of the most lucrative private dog training niches. It’s also fraught with complexity. The high level of skill required, coupled with the anxiety and embarrassment surrounding the behavior, produce poor client compliance. The work calls for good therapy dogs and handlers—neither of which are easy to come by. And you rarely have the number of sessions needed to implement a full training plan. But if you have dog-dog experience and enjoy working with this issue, becoming known for it can take your private training business to a new level. Join dog*tec founder Veronica Boutelle, author of How To Run a Dog Business and co-author of Minding Your Dog Business, as she lays out a simple formula for building and profiting from a dog-dog niche.

Sponsor: APDT

Speaker(s): Veronica Boutelle

Contact: APDT
 Phone: 1800PETDOGS