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Title: Behavior Change

When: 05/11/2013 at 09:00 to 05/11/2013 at 17:00

Where: Norris Conference Center


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:2.5CBCC-KSA Knowledge:3.5
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


The elegant science of behavior change is effective and easy to understand. It applies equally to all species, including our beloved dogs, cats and birds (including our beloved fellow humans for that matter). For far too long we animal lovers have been caught in what Dr. Susan Friedman calls a “cultural fog” of mythology and misinformation about animal behavior and the best ways to train animals. She’s coming to clear the air. Join Dr. Friedman for an exciting and enlightening day of learning. You’ll leave full of knowledge and ready to help the animals in your care. Learn the fundamentals of applied behavior analysis, the building blocks of behavior change. Experience the step by step process for changing any unwanted behavior in any animal. Dr. Friedman is a brilliant teacher with lots of life examples and video illustrations. This is a learning experience you don’t want to miss, and one you will never forget.

Sponsor: Michael's Dogs

Speaker(s): Susan Friedman PhD

Contact: Michael Baugh
 Phone: 832.541.5834


Norris Conference Center
803 Town and Country Blvd

Houston, TX 77024
United States