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Alana S. Meserve
Address:Medford, MA 02155 (United States)
Phone Number:617-640-6873
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Alana Meserve CPDT-KA, Is a certified Pet Dog Trainer for Zen Dog Training and was a professional dog groomer for over 11 year. She is also an APDT and A-DOG member. She is dedicated to improving the quality of the dog/human experience through education and communication. Helping people meet they’re training goals through positive reinforcement techniques and customizing realistic training plans for everyone. She offers specialized In-Home Training that teaches people how to manage and prevent bad behaviors while gently changing established habits and problem behaviors, with a focus on early intervention training. Her passion is working with fearful and reactive dogs. Bringing to the table a plethora of practical experience, combined with the science behind how dogs learn, Alana is committed to a lifetime of learning and working with dogs in an effort to improve the relationships we have with these remarkable animals.