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Marissa Martino
Address:4762 Franklin Drive

Boulder, CO 80301 (United States)
Phone Number:2016471591
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Paws & Reward provides in home consultations catering to your specific dog training needs and goals. Marissa develops an easy and realistic training plan to resolve behavior concerns. Marissa will teach you the skills you need in order to be successful when interacting with your canine companion. During the initial consultation we will be able to provide you with an idea of how may sessions will be necessary in order to achieve your desired goals! Behavior concerns: ✦ Fear and anxiety ✦ Basic manners and obedience ✦ Reactivity towards people or other dogs ✦ Leash walking ✦ Puppy behaviors and socialization ✦ Jumping, mouthing behaviors