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Sara J. Scott
Address:Oakland, CA 94611 (United States)
Phone Number:510-393-2212
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

What's Up Dog? provides modern, effective training for your dog. We come to your home, and do what we do best - we train your dog! Once your dog has learned his new skills, we will teach you how to maintain this good behavior. ?You can relax and know that your dog is in the experienced hands of a professional dog trainer. With What's Up Dog? you do not need to learn how to be a dog trainer to have a well mannered dog! ?You will save time, money, and frustration - and you'll enjoy all the benefits of a professionally trained dog. We are experts in resolving leash-reactivity and aggressive behavior problems, and enjoy a booming referral business in the east bay. ?Working with a reactive dog is often a stressful, emotional experience for owners. ?Our expertise in handling these cases will help resolve issues quickly and with minimal stress to dog and owner. We are also happy to help you with any other behavior problem or training need you may have and can customize our training plans to meet your goals. We use modern, scientifically sound techniques that are proven to work and get results. ?Making training fun is the best way to get good results that last. ?If you've never had experience with motivational training methods, we'd love to show you how well it works. We are also very experienced with pit bulls and other bully breeds. Call them what you will - we call them our favorites. What's Up Dog? That's Us. Training for Dogs, Peace of Mind for People. span style="font-size: medium; letter-spacing: norma