CEU Event: The Neurobiology of the Warrior Canine Connection

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Social worker and professional service dog trainer, Rick Yount created this innovative and highly effect service dog training program to reduce the symptoms of combat-related post traumatic stress. Meg will be discussing the program's effects on the social and anti-stress brain networks. She will also update us on the federally-funded research being conducted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to investigate the efficacy and biological basis of this safe, non-pharmaceutical animal assisted therapy. Presentation by: Meg Daley Olmert Meg Daley Olmert is a leading expert on the biology of the human-animal bond. Her ground-breaking book, Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond (DaCapo, 2009), is the first book to explain the brain chemistry that flows through—and between—all mammals forging deep social bonds between the species. This newly discovered brain network also activates a powerful anti-stress response that creates the physical and psychological sense of well-being we experience through friendly contact with animals. Meg lectures widely and is a media consultant on this subject. She has also written and produced documentaries for PBS, National Geographic, and The Discovery Channel. Meg is now the Director of Research for Warrior Canine Connection, an innovative service-dog therapy intervention for the treatment of combat PTSD. The Department of Defense has authorized funding to investigate the biological basis of the therapeutic effects experienced by participants in this most promising complementary medical intervention.

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Speaker(s):**Meg Daley Olmert

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