CEU Event: webinar Impulsive rehoming phase...postpartum and dogs.

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Overwhelmed new parents each year make a heart wrenching decision they often regret. Usually this peaks when baby is 2 - 6 months of age. This is Impulsive Rehoming Phase (IRP) or the "Better Off" Phase. Mom may feel the dog would be Better Off with another family as she is too tired or unable to meet the needs. Other family members may feel mom would be Better Off; with one less thing to take care of. These are the situations heard time and time again by shelters, rescues and dog professionals. There are many factors at play here and our goal is to offer ongoing support and solutions to help professionals and families work through this challenging time. This webinar will discuss what to consider and simple solutions to support the families you support during this time in their life.

Speaker(s):Jennifer Shryock

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