CEU Event: Resolve Any Behavior Problem with the Problem Solving Model

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Whether you are a new trainer or an experienced trainer wanting to get better organized, my Problem Solving Model will help you resolve any behavior issue. Many clients attempt to solve behavior issues by putting a "Band-aid" on the problem without understanding how to determine or address the real issue. 1. Define the problem. What specifically is your dog doing? 2. Determine when and where the behavior is happening. 3. When is it a problem: all of the time or only at certain times? 4. Can you define the trigger? What sets off the behavior? 5. Is the problem you defined in Question 1 the real problem or only a symptom? If it is not the real problem, determine the real problem and proceed based on that issue. 6. Determine how you can manage the behavior. 7. Determine what behavior or job you want your dog to do in place of the unwanted behavior. 8. Teach your dog what you want him to do, as determined in Question 7. 9. Ensure your dog has an appropriate outlet for his behavior if it is a natural dog behavior that you are unlikely to eliminate entirely. 10. If you are still having trouble, seek professional help to assist you in walking through this process or refer the case to a more experienced professional.

Speaker(s):Sue Brown

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