UPDATE! New CCPDT Certificant Benefits

We are very excited to announce another great Certificant Benefit that has been added to your Certificant Benefits Program!

CCPDT would like to welcome SnuffleMutt as a new Certificant Benefit. The SnuffleMutt snuffle mat is an interactive work-to-eat dog toy, providing mental stimulation, enrichment and entertainment for dogs. They can sniff, search and snuffle their way to find the kibble or hidden treats you place inside it. Helping to relieve boredom, the SnuffleMutt snuffle mat is great for enrichment. Angela Tuzzo, owner and creator of the SnuffleMutt—along with her husband Matt—has written an article on enrichment for this month’s newsletter, which you can read here.

You can access your CCPDT Certificant Benefits and take advantage of a 15% discount on products & gear by logging in to CCPDT.org. While you’re there, be sure to update your information in our database so other professionals, dog owners, and potential clients can find and connect with you easily. You can also download the CCPDT Logo Kit, learn more about recertification and check out our current certificant benefits!

Happy training!
Yvonne Ferguson, CPDT-KSA



Yvonne Ferguson is the owner of Quinte Canine located in the Quinte region of Ontario Canada. She is a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) Evaluator for the Canadian Kennel Club, a Certified Stunt Dog Judge, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and a Behaviour Consultant and Course Instructor for Canine Foundations. Quinte Canine offers various types of group and private services as well as public education and speaking.