CEU Event: Introduction to Operant Conditioning I - 108

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


*CPDT-KA: 7.5 *CBCC-KA: 7.5
CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 7.50 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 7.50
CPDT-KSA Skills: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00

* Courses approved for CBCC-KA CEUs may be applied to a CPDT-KA recertification. Courses approved for CPDT-KA may not be applied to a CBCC-KA recertification.


This first course in a two course sequence introduces the Law of Effect and the basic terms and categories of behavior and behavior change processes. Reinforcement and punishment, both added and subtracted and both conditioned and unconditioned processes and procedures are explored. Extinction is discussed, followed by a detailing of the variables influencing the effectiveness of both reinforcement and punishment. Law of effect Basic terms and categories Reinforcement (added and subtracted) Punishment (added and subtracted) Extinction Variable influencing the effectiveness of reinforcement Variable influencing the effectiveness of punishment

Sponsor:Companion Animal Sciences Institute
Speaker(s):**James O'Heare

Contact: James O'Heare
 Web: http://www.CASInstitute.com/