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September, 2016




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Letter from the Editor

September 2016

Hey Certificants!

Here at the CCPDT, we are making an effort to do more with marketing. Our goal is to raise awareness of the CCPDT in an effort to help you. How can we help you? Let's look at it this way: as the general public hears more and more about the awesomeness of the CCPDT, they will begin to seek out CCPDT certified trainers to work with their own dogs. More people searching the CCPDT trainer database means more people hiring you to train their dogs. When you give them the excellent dog training skills that the CCPDT is known for, they'll tell all of their friends about the awesome CCPDT trainer that they had. And so on! But we need your help...


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Industry Wire

CCPDT responds to release of aversion-based remote training collar

A trending topic of conversation among dog trainers this week is the use of tools in training. A new product was released to the market selling dogs owners the ability to monitor their dog's activity level and reduce or eliminate unwanted behavior through a remote training collar. Manufactured by Garmin, Delta Smart uses tone, vibration or electronic stimulation through a smartphone app...


Eight Basics of Branding

by Alexandra Golaszewska

The word "brand" can be a synonym for mark. A lot of people think it's just about a logo, but there's more to it than that.

You probably know that your work is at its best when you work with your ideal clients. When those people are looking for someone like you, they're really looking for help solving a problem...



Guys, We Need to
Talk About Behaviorists

by Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA

I want you to think for a moment about the following question: what exactly is a behaviorist?

I've been thinking a lot about this in light of the investigation earlier this year of Nat Geo television star, Cesar Millan on possible animal cruelty charges after a pig was injured on his show.(No charges were filed)...


CCPDT's statement on Montréal's recent breed-specific ban

This week's decision to ban pit bull-type dogs in the city of Montréal has garnered heavy criticism from dog advocates. The new law was prompted by a fatal dog attack, and police have acknowledged that they aren't even sure whether the dog in question was a pit bull.


The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) recognizes that dog bites pose a risk to public safety. However...



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