How pet insurance can help your business

Vet_Dog_OptBy the PetPlan Team

As dog trainers, we’re often called on to answer questions about pet health and lifestyle. And our clients look to us for advice and respect our recommendations about all things dog. Which food is best? Which toys beat boredom? What about pet insurance? (Spoiler alert: we’ll get into this in just a minute!)

While sharing our wisdom can help clients make the best decisions for their pet, it also positions us as a trusted resource for families. Success in this role is what keeps clients loyal for life and helps grow business through referrals.

The budding demand for pet insurance means you can soon expect questions from clients and requests for provider recommendations (if you aren’t getting them already). Before you’re caught off-guard, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the options.

Petplan pet insurance has launched a program with the CCPDT to help educate clients about protecting their pets. Opting into the program gives you all the tools you need to understand pet insurance, answer your clients’ questions, and offer an exclusive discount and other incentives for enrolling.

Pet Insurance is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Veterinary medicine today is far more advanced than it was just 10 or 20 years ago. Treatments like physical therapy, chemotherapy, laparoscopic surgeries, and more are all available to modern pets—but they come at a cost. Pet insurance data reveals that every six seconds a pet parent is handed a vet bill over $3,000.

Having a pet insurance policy in place before disaster strikes can mean the difference between getting the best treatment available, and settling for a less effective alternative because of the cost. Recommending pet insurance to your clients will help ensure their pet returns to good health—and to your active client list—if illnesses and injuries strike.

Petplan Makes it Easy to Talk to Clients About Insurance

With 40 years of experience under their belt, Petplan offers some of the best coverage available. They are also the only provider with a completely customizable policy that works for every pet and families with any budget. When you recommend Petplan to your clients, you can feel confident that you’re recommending a provider loved by pet parents and veterinarians around the globe.

You don’t have to be a pet insurance expert to talk to your clients about the benefits of protection. Once you opt into the Petplan/CCPDT partnership, you’ll receive everything you need to communicate the details.

Petplan’s Special Offer for CCPDT Members

To help CCPDT members get clients excited about considering pet insurance, Petplan is extending these incentives:

  • 10% discount on policies booked online
  • A free BarkBox for every dog enrolled
  • $25 of every purchase will go towards Morris Animal Foundation, a leading animal health research organization

Opting Into the Partnership

Being able to confidently recommend a pet insurance provider will help further your relationship with clients and the pets they love.

It shows you care about the total health of their pets and that you keep current on the latest developments and best practices in pet care. It also demonstrates a regard for your clients’ finances; this is a great way to help pet parents save money on vet bills.

Email to join the program and get set up to start recommending Petplan today.

Petplan helps keep pets healthy, and healthy pets mean a thriving business for you.