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Complaint Policy and Form


Instructions For Filing A Complaint With The CCPDT


The CCPDT is not a state licensing agency. Our certificants are held to high standards and are expected to comply with our Code of Ethics Link to Code of Ethics and Dog Training and Behavior Intervention Practices, (“Practices”) Link to “Practices”. As part of our mission, we will investigate complaints alleging violations of either of these sets of standards.

1.  An individual desiring to file a complaint about a CCPDT certificant must complete the online complaint form Link to Complaint Form here.

2.  The Certificant Compliance Committee will review the complaint and determine if the complaint alleges facts that violate either the CCPDT Code of Ethics or Standard of Practices.

3.  If it appears from the allegations that either the Code or Ethics or the CCPDT Practices have   been violated, the identified witnesses will be contacted and may be asked to sign an affidavit.

4.  A copy of the complaint form, including the name(s) of the complainant, will be given to the individual cited in the form.

5.  Upon completion of the investigation, the Certificant Compliance Committee will notify the Executive Committee of the CCPDT of its findings in compliance with the CCPDT Certification Compliance and Disciplinary Procedures Link to Disciplinary Procedures.

6. Send a copy of the complaint form to CCPDT at 1350 Broadway, Suite 1705, New York, NY 10018