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Animal Lovers

Guiding Principles / Values

  • To develop a recognized standard of proficiency based on current scientific evidence for animal training and behavior professionals through an independent certification process of standardized testing.
  • To maintain empirically validated certification examinations that are psychometrically sound, based on current scientific evidence in the profession and independent of commercial influence.
  • To recognize documented training and behavior experience as valid, functional criteria relevant to the certification process.
  • To encourage growth in and fluency of knowledge in the profession, and thus foster a link in the community of trainers, behavior consultants, academics, veterinarians and veterinary staff, breeders, rescues, shelters, and other animal professionals.
  • To benefit animal and human welfare by promoting strategies and methods based on humane practices defined by The CCPDT Core Values.
  • To promote and protect The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainer designations as the publicly recognized credential of animal training and behavior professionals committed to education, experience, and professional excellence.