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All animal behavior certificants of the CCPDT are required to renew their certification every five years to ensure that they remain up-to-date on the latest developments in the science of animal training and behavior. For Knowledge-Assessed (-KA) certifications, each event will earn you a certain number of CEUs. During the re-certification period, you must earn 36 of these units. CEUs are specific either to training or behavior, so attending a training event will not earn you CEUs towards a behavior designation. For Knowledge and Skills Assessed (-KSA) certificates, events may contain a portion of hands-on CEUs and a portion of seminar/lecture CEUs. During the recertification period, you must earn 12 CEUs of hands-on time. Additionally, you must complete 36 hours of lecture/seminar CEUs. If you exceed the required 12 units of hands-on experience, the extra units may be counted towards the 36 required lecture/seminar units. If you find difficulty in locating nearby hands-on events, you may retake the current version of the KSA examination in lieu of the 12 CEU credits. As with -KA certificates, hands-on and lecture/seminar credit is specific to either behavior or training. Attending a training event will not count towards hands-on or lecture/seminar credit for a behavior designation.

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