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Title: DAY 3 Science-Based Dog Training with Feeling

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:6CBCC-KSA Knowledge:0
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


Day 3 - Off-leash Verbal Control with Distance and Distractions: Phasing out Food Lures and Rewards and Naturally Motivating your Dog to Perform Quickly, Reliably and Willingly This seminar will teach you how easy it is to phase out food lures and rewards scientifically, how to motivate your dog with much more powerful life rewards, interactive games and the seven big behavior “problems” and how to empower a secondary reinforcer as the most powerful reinforcer. Training is about first teaching your dog WHAT to do but then motivating him to WANT to do what you want him to do. This seminar will teach you neat tricks so that your dog may chill and relax for most of the time but instantly respond with extremely high levels of reliability following your softly-spoken verbal cue. A trained dog is one that has been taught to respond happily and willingly when off-leash and distracted (as they often are at home) and without the continued need for any training tool. Unfortunately, few dog owners get beyond the beginning stages of training. Few dog owners are taught how to phase out training tools, how to motivate their dogs to want to comply, or how to reduce and eliminate undesirable behavior. Food lures should be phased out during the very first session (and replaced with handsignals and eventually, verbal commands). However, many owners are still luring with food after weeks and weeks of training. Similarly food rewards need to be phased out within a few weeks and replaced with much more powerful rewards. In some classes there is no attempt to phase out food lures, clickers or food rewards. Consequently, many dogs only respond if they are on-leash, or if the owner has a lure or clicker in their hand and food in a pouch. By this time, effective luring and effective reinforcement has become bribing and the dogs’ attentiveness and response-reliability takes a nose-dive. Luring allows us to predict precisely when the dog will perform desired behavior, conseque

Sponsor: James & Kenneth Publishers

Speaker(s): Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD BvetMed MRCVS

Contact: James Dunbar
 Phone: 8007845531