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Title: Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems

When: 04/26/2014 at 09:30 to 04/26/2014 at 17:30

Where: Port Chester Obedience Training Club


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This seminar will offer simple solutions for the most common dog behavior and training problems, including: housesoiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, digging, home-alone problems (and separation anxiety), hyperactivity, jumping-up, not coming when called, pulling on leash, leash reactivity to other dogs, plus lack of attention and compliance. Obviously, preventing predictable doggy problems is the way to go but what do we do when adolescence exuberance, distraction and the development of fears and phobias override socialization and training? How can we retrain dogs in shelters to make them more adoptable? And how do we retrain newly adopted adolescent and adult dogs? Whereas rehabilitating adult dogs with temperament problems (fearfulness, fighting and biting) can be extremely time consuming, especially the older the dog, behavior and training problems may be resolved at any time in a dog’s life. When training begins, good habits begin to replace bad habits. We may need different training techniques (All-or None Reward Training) to get started but otherwise, by and large, treatment protocols are virtually identical to prevention protocols. Moreover, retraining an adult dog is often much quicker than training a young puppy. This is a full agenda and whereas we’ll discuss fearfulness and reactivity unfortunately, there will not be sufficient time to discuss dogs that have serious aggression problems and have hospitalized a person or injured a dog to the extent that it requires veterinary treatment. The seminar is suitable for both dog owners and dog professionals.

Sponsor: James & Kenneth Publishers

Speaker(s): Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD BvetMed MRCVS

Contact: Jamie Dunbar
 Phone: (800) 784 5531


Port Chester Obedience Training Club
220 Ferris Avenue

White Plains, NY 10603
United States