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Title: Certificate in Canine Nutrition

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:30CBCC-KSA Knowledge:0
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


The Canine Nutrition program is a solid science-based foundational exploration of nutrients, life stage nutrition, digestive anatomy, and other topics related to this area of study. This program provides the solid foundation of knowledge necessary to understand canine nutrition. This program requires approximately 200 work-hours; 20 hours in actual assignment preparation. The graduate would be awarded a Canine Nutrition Certificate (Cert.CN). Students should emerge from this program of study with a detailed understanding of: Energetics: GE, DE, ME, NE, RER, RMR; Value of protein; Energy balance Nutrient classes Carbohydrates, (definitions, classifications, functions, requirements, etc) Protein, (definitions, classifications, functions, requirements, etc) Fats, (definitions, classifications, functions, requirements, etc) Minerals, introduction, function, required, toxic, interactions Macro minerals Trace minerals Vitamins, general, classifications, interactions, functions, requirements, deficiencies, etc. Water, function, requirements Digestion, anatomy, physiology, enzymes, hormones, absorption, etc. Life stage nutrition, pregnancy, lactation, weaning, puppies, adults, geriatrics Nutrient content of commercial dog foods Aflotoxins and endotoxins Marketing concepts Chemical vs. natural preservatives Elements of a home-cooked diet Cooking proteins and carbohydrates Supplementing and serving Reasons for using home-prepared diets Commercial raw diets and mixes Components of a raw diet Safety of feeding raw foods Safety and efficacy of a vegetarian/vegan diet Ingredients for a vegetarian/vegan diet Courses: General Canine Nutrition - 301 Energy Yielding Nutrients - 302 Non-Energy Yielding Nutrients - 303 Canine Digestion - 304 Life Stage Nutrition - 305 Introduction to Canine Diets 306

Sponsor: Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Speaker(s): **Susan Dillon (

Contact: James O'Heare
 Phone: N/A