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Title: The Seductiveness of Shock with Kathy Sdao

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


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Join Kathy Sdao for this webinar on the seduction of Shock. Though you may refuse to ever use shock as a dog-training tool, some of your potential clients have used it (especially in the United States). And some will want to continue using it, in lieu of your suggestions of positive-reinforcement alternatives or possibly in addition to them. Each of us dog-care professionals must decide how to respond to this dilemma. In doing so, it’s beneficial to understand the unique power that shock has to damage the psychological well-being of the animals in our care and also to deceive its users regarding its efficacy. We’ll examine a few of the complexities of this emotional and crucial issue.

Sponsor: Pet Professional Guild

Speaker(s): Kathy Sdao

Contact: Niki Tudge
 Phone: 413 648 7246