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Title: 2014 Kay Laurence Seminar

When: 07/26/2014 at 09:00 to 07/27/2014 at 16:00

Where: Western Waukesha Dog Training Club


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:12CBCC-KSA Knowledge:0
CPDT-KSA Skills:2CBCC-KSA Skills:0


Join us for a weekend of learning with Kay Laurence! During this 2-day seminar, Kay will present the relevance of precision teaching, precision understanding and precision application. She will dive deep into the importance of how a behavior is acquired and how one should begin with reinforcement, not just end with it. Kay will also talk extensively about the importance of understanding the cycle of learning. When one fully understands every component that affects their learner's experience, one can teach with exquisite precision and achieve error-less results. This seminar will challenge you to take responsibility for improving your own competencies in order to achieve the skills to become a quality teacher. Time permitting there will be break-out sessions at the end of each day where attendees can try out some of the day’s learnings with their canine companion (no aggressive or reactive dogs, please). This seminar is tailored towards professional dog trainers and dog owners who have a solid understanding of clicker training. It's perfect for those who wish to be challenged by new ways of thinking on how best to acquire behaviors from their dog.

Sponsor: BehaviorWorks Dog Training & Behavior Specialists

Speaker(s): **Kay Laurence

Contact: Laura Holder
 Phone: 414-698-7540


Western Waukesha Dog Training Club
1314 W. Cedar Drive

Ixonia, WI 53036
United States