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Title: Canine Cross Training

When: 05/17/2014 at 09:00 to 05/18/2014 at 17:00

Where: Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:8CBCC-KSA Knowledge:0
CPDT-KSA Skills:7.5CBCC-KSA Skills:0


Attendees will have many opportunities to work with their own dogs on a variety of exercises designed to: ​ Build behavior that is longer, stronger, joyful and fast. Develop the mental and physical skills necessary for your dog to excel in any canine activity. Improve your own trainings skills. Topics will include but not be limited to: Getting the most from positive reinforcement …. How, When, Where …. Shaping with purpose: Teaching complex behaviors using shaping and targeting Heeling with connection workshop: Attention, coordination, body awareness Shaping a great retrieve: The best shaping exercise... perfect for dogs who don’t have a natural retrieve Training plans: How to go from the behavior that you have to the behavior that you want. On target! Beyond basic targeting. Reliable signal control, adding and changing cues and the importance of cues. The importance of rules in life, training and play This workshop is for all levels, puppies are welcome and advanced trainers will be challenged!

Sponsor: Humane Animal Welfare Society

Speaker(s): Leslie Nelson

Contact: Khris Erickson
 Phone: 262-542-8851 x118


Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club
W1314 Cedar Drive

Ixonia, WI 53036
United States