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Title: ABI 312 Canine Health and Nutrition course

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:10CBCC-KSA Knowledge:0
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


Canine Health and Nutrition will provide you with the information and skills you need to make informed decisions about your dog's diet, nutrition, safety and overall health. Nutritional counseling can be an excellent supplement to canine training; the skills you develop in this course will increase the value of your training to owners and potential clients. We will start with the fundamentals of good nutrition and then review specific canine needs and how they can be best met over the life of your dog. Health coverage will include basic first aid, CPR and emergency procedures.

Sponsor: Animal Behavior Institute

Speaker(s): Gary Fortier

Contact: Laura Hoyt
 Phone: 866-755-0448 Ext 5