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Title: Canine First Aid: 8 Essential Tips Trainers Need to Know

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


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Dog trainers need to be prepared for emergencies involving their clients’ dogs, whether in a private in-home session, inside group class, outdoor adventure class or a board ‘n’ train situation. Are you concerned about your legal responsibility for the dogs in your care? Perhaps you are already trained in canine first aid but would like a concise checklist of essential safety tips specific to trainers? Do you want to provide the absolute best for your clients’ dogs? If something happens to a clients’ dog, the client will be looking at you for help. Are you ready? As a professional trainer herself, Michelle understands what trainers need to know to keep dogs safe. Using trainer scenarios, canine first aid research and personal experience, Michelle will describe, in detail, eight essential tips that you can implement immediately in your private sessions and group classes. Besides trainers, this webinar would also be helpful for other dog professionals including groomers, dog sitters, dog walkers, dog daycare operators and kennel & shelter staff. Please note: this webinar is designed to provide trainer-specific tips but not meant to replace a comprehensive canine first aid course.

Sponsor: APDT

Speaker(s): Michelle Sevigny

Contact: Katenna Jones
 Phone: 1800petdogs