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Title: Fundamentals for Shelter and Rescue

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:13CBCC-KSA Knowledge:0
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


This seminar dvd can be found at This DVD set is comprised of five different topics blended into a comprehensive learning tool for shelters and rescue covering assessing, evaluating and testing dogs for adoptability. See list below for description of each topic: A Bite-O-Meter-or How to Tell a Dog is Going to Bite You Before He Bites You.This workshop details all the subtle behaviors of aggression, helping people better read dogs and avoid a bite. Long before a dog growls, snarls or bites, he shows many, many behaviors warning of the aggression. Making an Adoptable Dog- This program covers the importance of achieving and maintaining quality of life for dogs in shelters. Training, behavior modification programs, mental, behavior & emotional stimulation for shelter dogs is covered. Before deciding to hold a dog for adoption, a shelter must provide true quality of life for each dog. This workshop also describes when something must be done because a shelter dog is suffering. Animals for Adoption's Train-to-Adopt™ program is a commitment to Quality of Life for all dogs in shelters. Individuals and shelters can certify and learn to train shelter dogs to enhance adoptability and carry out behavioral exercises to keep shelter dogs calm, sane, and content. Animals for Adoption outlines minimum Train-to-Adopt™ requirements for dogs in shelters and trains staff and volunteers to implement simple, low, or no cost measures that can keep dogs adoptable and make the shelter a friendly and inviting place. Assess-A-Pet is an overview of the Assess-A-Pet temperament test. This workshop introduces all the mechanics and procedures of the Assess-A-Pet temperament test. Adopter expectations, better matchmaking, problem behaviors are also covered. Asses-a-Pet™ is Sue's nationally known temperament test which offers shelters a set of procedures and responses in which to understand the behavior and future success for each dog in a home. Asses-a-Pet™ identifies


Speaker(s): Sue Sternberg

Contact: Alta F Tawzer
 Phone: 8885663003