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Title: Three Day Seminar Austin Tx

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:8CBCC-KSA Knowledge:10
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


This seminar dvd can be found at DAY ONE:( 6 HRS) Dominance, Fighting, Biting, Compliance and Punishment. Topics include: True Top Dogs — Cool and Confident — They seldom growl or fight; they don’t need to Alpha Dogs ? Dominant Dogs?— Insecure, growly, bellicose, middle-ranking males Hierarchies — Real or hypothetical? Linear or nonlinear? Uses and abuses Rank-Reduction Programs — What’s important and What’s not Doggy Social Structure Unplugged — Linear male hierarchies; Less-linear female hierarchies; Female amendments to male hierarchical law; Puppy-Adult relationships; Puppy license to misbehave; Developmental nolo contendre; Special friendships and animosities; Triadic relationships; Policing dogs; Pack harmony. When the “Treatment” is the Cause — Slow recalls; No recalls; Houdini stays; Lackluster heeling; Owner-Absent problems; Fighting; and Biting. (Rather than increasing compliance, the (often) inappropriate use of punishment exacerbates existing problems and causes additional problems.) Fighting — caused by marginal socialization, lack of representative feedback for appropriate social behavior, yet highlighting occasional fearful and antisocial behavior by punishing the dog for growling or fighting. Biting — caused by lack of socialization and handling and by exacerbating early warnings of fearfulness and aggression by punishing the dog for growling, lunging and biting, thus giving the dog an additional reason to growl, lunge and bite. Better ways of producing friendly, respectful, loving and happily compliant dogs. DAY TWO:(6 HRS) Quantitatively & Qualitatively Raising The Bar In Dog Training: Topics include: Theoretical Education vs. Practical Experience — Knowing what’s common and what’s not; Preventing predictable behavior and training problems; Critically evaluating the severity of existing problems; Offering realistic prognoses; Establishing realistic criteria; Offering a number of best possible solutions;


Speaker(s): Ian Dunbar, PhD

Contact: Alta F Tawzer
 Phone: 8885663003