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Title: Talk to the Paw! Understanding What Dogs are REALLY Saying--and What We're Saying to Them

When: 04/07/2013 at 09:00 to 04/07/2013 at 16:30

Where: Courtyard by Marriott


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Dogs are excellent interpreters when it comes to the body language and signals of other dogs. But how good are we at it? Sure, you know that ears back and tail down means a dog is afraid, and that a show of teeth is your cue to move away slooowly. But there’s so much more to canine body language and communication. Here are just a few of the many topics that will be covered: What does it mean when a dog’s teeth chatter, or when the lower jaw trembles? How dangerous are air snaps and muzzle punches? What can sneezing indicate, other than a need to vacuum your house? Is there a significance to which side your dog’s tail wag favors? How can you tell when a dog is showing aggression, as opposed to an active defense display? Can you recognize the subtle signals that tell you when a dog is afraid? Do dogs “laugh” and if so, how can we make use of it? You’ll hear about all of those things, and will also gain a much better understanding of how human body language and vocalizations can have a huge impact. You’ll see how even your smallest gesture can affect the way dogs react, both in training and in everyday interactions. Best of all, you’ll learn how to use that knowledge to gain cooperation and trust. The lecture is packed with eye-opening information including the latest research studies, as well as an extensive collection of fascinating photos and video footage–over 130 slides! By viewing real-time video and then slow-motion playback, you’ll improve your observational skills and discover subtle, lightning-quick signals that otherwise might have been missed—even if you’re a professional. And you’ll participate in the fun, interactive exercises “What Do You See?” and “Name that Bark!” to further hone your skills. This seminar packs a lot of useful information into one day. Whether you’re a trainer, shelter/rescue worker, owner, vet tech, or other canine professional or enthusiast, you’ll come away with plenty of new ideas, tip

Sponsor: Phantom Publishing

Speaker(s): **Nicole Wilde

Contact: Phantom Publishing


Courtyard by Marriott
2100 Empire Avenue

Burbank, CA 91351
United States