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Title: Bad Behavior and the Veterinary Practitioner

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


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Bad behavior will hurt your practice. A dog that is untrained and undersocialized is not going to enjoy coming into your clinic, they will take more time and energy to treat, and they are more likely to bite you, your staff or one of your other clients.

Veterinarians are in the unique position of having access to almost all new puppy dog owners. They can use this access to compel owners to undertake the training and socialization that will make their dog a pleasure to live with. In so doing they can make their practice more successful, they can make their own lives easier and more enjoyable and they can make their clients and their dogs happier.

This course consists of 6+ hours of video from a seminar given by Dr. Ian Dunbar, the founder of SIRIUS® Puppy Training, and the man responsible for popularizing scientifically-based, fun and games, family friendly lure-reward puppy raising and dog training. Dr. Dunbar attended the Royal Veterinary College in London before moving to California to study dog behavior at UC Berkeley. Since then he has devoted his life to showing people how to train their dogs, through books, TV shows, videos and a comprehensive free dog training website. As a result, he has a unique perspective on the importance of behavior and training for veterinary practitioners.

In addition to the video, this course includes 2 eBooks and 16 Behavior Blueprints. The eBooks explain what owners need to do BEFORE AFTER they get their puppy, while the Blueprints provide quick and easy answers to the most common behavior problems and training scenarios. All of these PDF files can be customized with the business information of your veterinary practice, and then you can email them to your clients for free, and encourage them to forward to others. Not only will this help ensure that new and prospective owners have the training info they need, it also makes for wonderful free advertising for your clinic.

Sponsor: James Kenneth Publishers

Speaker(s): Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD BVetMed MRCVS

Contact: James Dunbar
 Phone: 800 784 5531