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Title: The Bite Threshold Model: Implications for Resolving Canine Aggression

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:0CBCC-KSA Knowledge:1.5
CPDT-KSA Skills:0CBCC-KSA Skills:0


Few topics evoke as much controversy and emotion as dog bites and aggression. Professionals often hear from owners comments that include: “I never thought he’d actually bite!” “He just seemed to bite for no reason.” “It just came out of the blue, the bite was totally unexpected.” From the professional’s side, a dog’s aggressive behavior often doesn’t seem to fit nicely into any of the traditional categories such as territorial, possessive, protective, or dominance aggression. So it can be difficult sometimes to give owners a “why” for their dog’s behavior that they can understand, and that makes rational sense. Enter an alternative way of conceptualizing the “why” of biting behavior based on additive risk factors and bite thresholds. In this enlightening course, Kathy will present a simple theoretical model of why dogs bite, first described by Jean Donaldson in her classic book


Speaker(s): Kathy Sdao, M.A., ACAAB, Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB, Dan Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

Contact: Tracey Metzler
 Phone: 303-932-9095