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Title: Managing the Multiple Dog Household, Part 1

When: Ongoing

Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge:2CBCC-KSA Knowledge:2
CPDT-KSA Skills:15CBCC-KSA Skills:9


This is an online class, 15 lessons, 19 video clips, spread out over 4 weeks. Part One Lessons and Uses: Door etiquette – going outside, inside . Loading in vehicle – from home, from play. Group feeding – treats or dinner. Group anything – grooming, attention, any activity that you do with all of your dogs. Helps with stays in general – for agility, for competition, for water work, for anything you can think up! Really teaches the dog to listen for their own name. Helps with dogs that think all of the food/toys/resources are theirs. Helps to teach the dogs self-control. As part of the class, there is space for attendees to post comments and video clips and I respond to each and every post. For people requesting ceu's, I insist that they post on every lesson and send video clips before I'll grant them ceu's. This program was approved last year (1/14/11)- I'm just re-applying for this coming year.

Sponsor: Positive Motivation Dog Training

Speaker(s): **Pamela Dennison, CDBC

Contact: Pamela Dennison
 Phone: 9084595244