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Caryn M. Liles
Address:Toronto, ON M4M 3E7 (Canada)
Phone Number:6478935580
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Whatta Pup! is your dog's first choice for fun and effective Training and Behaviour Modification in Toronto. We pride ourselves on results and relationships. We are here to help you survive puppyhood, manage adolescence, and teach dogs of all ages manners in all environments. We accept dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, and we specialize in dogs with special needs. We have three certified trainers on staff to help you, as well as an extensive list of other Pet Professionals who we trust to help you in other ares of your pet's life. (Vets, groomers, boarders/sitters, dog walkers, pet stores, etc...) We are veterinarian-recommended and have close relationships with Veterinary Behaviourists and Certified Applied Animal Behaviourists in order to ensure that you and your dog receive the best care possible. Our classes are Open Enrollment, which means you can start any time! This type of flexibility is great because you don't have to wait 6 weeks until another series starts and waste precious time.