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Michelle Alexandre
Address:Coventry, RI 02816 (United States)
Phone Number:(401) 862-6740
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Services Offered

Private behavioral and obedience training for canines of all ages. Agility, scent and advanced tricks training. Therapy Dog(TDI) and Canine Good Citizen (AKC) training and evaluation. Specialize in positive reinforcement training, clicker training, and behavioral issues.

Locations Served

Servicing all of Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

Additional Details

I believe that Patience is an integral part of dog training. This is why I named my company and my crazy, high strung, highly driven, never napping, always motivated Border Collie, Patience. I needed a constant reminder!? Without her constantly testing my patience, I never would have become a dog trainer, or certainly not one who has so much experience with incorrigible behaviors.

I specialize in behavioral issues and obedience (puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) I include a Canine Good Citizen evaluation with the intermediate and advanced classes.

Behavior Issues I work with include, but are not limited to: aggression, phobias, resource guarding, jumping, biting, nipping, mouthing, potty training, in-home and outside destruction, fear, seperation anxiety, submissive peeing, pulling on the leash, and barking.

I am a volunteer for the Rhode Island Urban Search and Rescue team and have been a K9 handler with my dog Patience since 2004. I'm well versed in Search and Rescue techniques (both wilderness and urban)which include: agility, direction and control, obedience and air scenting. This training has helped me to learn a variety of different canine sports/jobs and training methods. I love to bring my experience as a K9 handler of a disaster dog to my pet parents to help them establish new and fun ways to interact with and train their dogs to be the best companions they can be.

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