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Sherril L. Lilly
Address:Owings, MD 20736 (United States)
Phone Number:3019221933
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

I retired from a long, rewarding career in public education a few years ago. My retirement allows me to once again be involved with the wonderful sport of training dogs, but not in the same way as in the 90's. I no longer use choke chains or prone collars. The science involved in training has shown training methods should never cause pain or be frightening. When training an animal, Clothier suggests the trainer must always ask, "Is this working for you?" As she says, the animal will let you know. Training provides us an opportunity to build a strong, loving and respectful bond with our dogs and other animals. I believe in giving high value rewards for desirable behaviors. Fear, Pain and Intimidation often create fearful, possibly even aggressive behaviors in dogs; therefore, these tactics have no place in my training program.