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Judith Anderson-Wright
Address:11333 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle , WA 98125 (United States)
Phone Number:206 526 1101
Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

We utilize respected learning theory that addresses both human and canine learners! Our Canine Educators understand how both people & dog learn. We understand that different dogs have different drives and varied motivation. We know that some clients are new to the joy of learning with their dog, and others are seasoned dog enthusiasts who are seeking to add to their extensive knowledge base. Classes and private lessons are designed to be fun AND cognitively stimulating for everyone. We provide plenty of time for demonstration, practice and discussion. We vary our teaching activities to include games and problem-solving procedures. We focus on teaching humans and their canine family members how to effectively communicate with one another and the results are happy people and dogs. We provide learning opportunities for puppies, elder dogs, and all ages in between. Dogs who are shy, fearful and reactive have multiple classes and private lesson options. Agility, nose games and adventure field trips are also available. Service dog training is available on a case by case basis. In partnership with Project Canine we also offer therapy dog preparation classes, testing and certification opporutnities.