Letter from the Editor: September, 2016


Hey Certificants!

Here at the CCPDT, we are making an effort to do more with marketing. Our goal is to raise awareness of the CCPDT in an effort to help you. How can we help you? Let’s look at it this way:

As the general public hears more and more about the awesomeness of the CCPDT, they will begin to seek out CCPDT certified trainers to work with their own dogs. More people searching the CCPDT trainer database means more people hiring you to train their dogs. When you give them the excellent dog training skills that the CCPDT is known for, they’ll tell all of their friends about the awesome CCPDT trainer that they had. And so on! But we need your help:

The first step in getting more business to come through your doors is to get people to search for a CCPDT certificant. Here’s how you can help us spread the word:

  • Like, share, repost: the more people see us in their social media feeds, the more people will think about us when they need a dog trainer. So if you don’t already ‘like’ us on Facebook, log on and find us here or simply click this button:
  • Link to us on your websites, facebook, and e-blasting. You can download .PDFs of our logos by logging into the Certificant section of our website. Make sure our logo is proudly displayed on your website and marketing materials. And encourage people to find out more about us by linking up!
  • Use those initials: You’ve worked hard to earn your CPDT-KA, CPDT-KSA, and CBCC-KA titles. Make sure everyone knows about it by printing it after your name any time you use your name both personally or professionally!
  • Keep reading The Scoop: Starting with this issue of The Scoop, we’re going give you some cool marketing tips, tricks, and templates that you can use to make your businesses awesome! Take them and run with them! They’ve been written by experts in the fields of dog training and marketing and tailored just for you!

Last but not least, if you have any questions, reach out to us! We’re always looking for fresh faces to write articles, give us tips and ideas on what we can be doing to help people find you, or just say hi!

All the best,

Nicole Larocco-Skeehan, CPDT-KA