CEU Event: Animal Abuse

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


CPDT-KA: 0.75 CBCC-KA: 0.75
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Combating Animal Cruelty: The Past, Present and Future We will review the history of efforts to fight animal abuse and neglect in America from the early days of animal protection to today. The last decade has seen a dramatic improvement in laws protecting animals and the tools available to investigate and prosecute such crimes. There has also been increased attention to animals as victims of crimes and the need to document the impact of abuse and neglect on animal victims and make efforts to undo the damage that may have been done. We will review current trends in animal law, the role of professionals and individuals in applying those laws, and the public's role in continuing to strengthen and enforce animal protection. This webinar is presented FREE from the ASPCA.

Speaker(s):Dr. Randall Lockwood

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