CEU Event: Using TAGteach to Increase Skill Acquisition and Motivation for your Human Clients

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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There are two clients that benefit from working with a professional dog trainer; the dog and the human who owns it. You work hard to create a positive and productive learning environment for the animal, but how do you do the same for your human client? There is a technology that combines best practices of the animal world (operant conditioning and marker based training), with specific modifications for the human learner. It's called TAGteach. Using TAGteach increases opportunities for learner success, encourages focus, and creates clear communication between student and teacher. Dr. Julie Vargas (nee Skinner) commented on TAGteach. "It's amazing that it took until the turn of the 21st century for someone to use a specialized conditioned reinforcer for human physical skills". TAGteach is currently being used by all ages in a myriad of applications including: instructing medical students, PGA golfers, business management, special needs students, and of course, teaching animal trainers to train animals. In this webinar we will introduce the basics of TAGteach including: 1. Identify - Highlight - Reinforce 2. How and why a conditioned reinforcer benefits the human student and teacher 3. TAG Points- Dramatically increase the focus of both student and teacher 4. The Focus Funnel - Reduce verbal explanations to increase skill acquisition 5. How to increase reinforcement and reduce frustration for the student and the teacher

Speaker(s):Theresa McKeon

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