CEU Event: Drives & Motivation: Understanding the Causes of Behavior

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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We all use the terms "motivation" and "drive" on a regular basis to describe or explain the behavior of dogs. "He's just not ball-motivated" "Pack drive is really important for dogs" "My dog has very high prey drive" and more you probably know well. But what do we mean by motivation and drive? Behavioral scientists use these terms in specific ways while pet owners often use them in vague and varying ways, creating confusion. In this webinar we'll address some of the myths, misconceptions and misuses of these terms and talk about how they're used today in the science of animal behavior. We'll talk about what the science of animal behavior can tell us about "motivating" and changing dog behavior. Finally, we'll discuss alternative ways of discussing the causes of behavior with clients and ways trainers and owners can modify the "motivation" of dogs.

Speaker(s):Dr. Dan Estep

Contact: APDT
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 Phone: 180-0
 Web: http://www.apdt.com/education/webinars/details.aspx?id=100109